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DICCA’s laboratories support research in the fields of structural mechanics, solids and fluids, seismic engineering, geotechnics, geomatics, marine hydraulics and hydrology, materials engineering, electrochemistry, industrial chemistry, catalysis, development and modelling of chemical, food and biotechnology plants and processes.

They then carry out teaching support activities for the Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Courses in civil engineering and chemical and process engineering, and for the Master’s Degrees in building engineering-architecture, environmental engineering and engineering for building retrofitting, as well as for postgraduate courses such as PhDs.

The experience gained within the laboratories is also made available to institutions, companies and individuals who can take advantage of the skills and high know-how for analysis, sampling, testing and prototyping, typical of the chemical engineering and civil engineering sectors.

The DICCA is finally home to two Official Laboratories: Geotechnical and Building Materials, established by Royal Decree in 1939 and still fully operational in the service of private individuals, companies and public bodies.


Last update 24 January 2023