ANSYS Student

  1. Ask your professor for USERNAME and PASSWORD to download files
  2. Download installation file (about 5.5Gb) from this LINK
  3. Unzip it into a folder on your PC (es.: C:\ansys)
  4. Run setup.exe and follow installation procedure to install ANSYS 2020R1 (skip the page regarding server configuration)
  5. Download license file ( from this LINK
  6. Extract academic.lic from ZIP file and place it into a folder on your PC (es.: C:\ansys_license)
  7. Open a command prompt: press Windows key + R at same time, enter cmd, and press OK
  8. In the command prompt, run the following to set appropriate environment variables to point to the license file:​
    • setx ANSYSLMD_LICENSE_FILE "C:\ansys_license\academic.lic"
    • setx DYNARDO_LICENSE_FILE "C:\ansys_license\academic.lic"
    • setx ESTERELD_LICENSE_FILE "C:\ansys_license\academic.lic"

(License will expire on September 30th, 2021)

Problem size limits:
Structural Physics: 128K nodes/elements
Fluid physics: 512K cells/nodes
Electromagnetics: N/A

You are authorized to obtain multiple copies of the temporary license key provided that A) you may only use 1 copy of the license key and B) you may share with each student in your course or who is performing research at your direction one copy of the license key for his/her/their own use solely in association with your class or such research. Your right to share the license keys with your students is contingent on you providing the notice below with the license key to each student and subject to US export law restrictions. You will not otherwise share the temporary license key to any other person nor will you disclose the location of this page on the customer portal with anyone.

Notice: This temporary license key is not to be distributed, downloaded or made accessible to any other individual.  It may only be used by you, the recipient, solely in connection with your university class or authorized university research. This temporary license key is not to be distributed, downloaded or made accessible to anyone in China or Russia.​”​