Computer classroom

DICCA Computer classroom

Available resources (Hardware)

There are 31 workstations with free access for individual work and priority to those who are working on degree theses, distributed as follows:

Exercise room
16 stations: Lenovo ThinkCentre E73; processore Intel Core i7-4790S; RAM 16G; HDD 1Tb.
"Frontal" arrangement used for lessons with computer laboratory, availability of projection, free access for individual work when not engaged for lessons (see schedule)..
Computer room 1
3 workstations: Lenovo ThinkCentre E73; processore Intel Core i7-4790S; RAM 16G; HDD 1Tb.
Computer room 2
4 workstations: Lenovo M91 USFF; processore Intel Core I5-2400s; RAM 8G; HDD 500Gb.
Computer room 3
7 workstations: Lenovo M91 USFF; processore Intel Core I5-2400s; RAM 8G; HDD 500Gb.
Printing room
Provides a large format printer (A0 plotter) and a Lenovo M91 USFF workstation; Intel Core I5-2400s processor; 8G RAM; 500gb HDD.

Available resources (Software)

All machines can work in both Windows and Linux environments.
Windows 10 is installed on all machines.
The Linux distribution used is OpenSuse.
In addition to the applications distributed with Opensuse, in the Linux environment is available Grass, program analysis of geographical resources.

The following programs are installed in the Windows environment:

Instruction for Use

The use of the classrooms is allowed from Monday to Friday from 7:30 a.m to 7:30 p.m for all students enrolled in degree courses belonging to DICCA. The Pcs installed in the classroom can be used individually when there are no lessons in place.
Strictly personal credentials are used to access workstations, which are provided on request by the DICCA computer office and networks. .

Job reservations are not allowed.

At the end of the activity the workplace must be left clean and free from objects (cards, books or other). The computer must be left off, or in any case the user’s session must be disconnected. It is not allowed to disconnect the connections and the power cord of the PC. If you were to leave work in progress for a short period of time, you should leave information on the expected duration of use and your availability (telephone number or other), otherwise, the workstation is considered free and those who need it are allowed to reboot.

The tables are dedicated to the use of the department’s computers, and must be left at the disposal of those who intend to use these resources without being prevented by those who engage the tables with private laptops or for different activities. In case of technical interventions on computers the recovery of user files is not guaranteed, it is therefore recommended to make backups on their own support of important data.

It is not allowed to post sheets or anything else outside the notice boards provided for this purpose.
It is not allowed to move the furniture, including chairs, from one room to another.
It is not allowed to consume food and drinks inside the premises.

Access code

In order to access the resources of the DICCA computer rooms, a personal access code is required, which must be kept with EXTREME CONFIDENTIALITY and NOT disclosed to third parties, as specified in Art 10 - User Responsibility - of "Regulation of the University of Genoa for the realization and management of the data network".
The access code is obtained by submitting the completed form to the technicians of the IT service and networks.. The code will remain active until the student is enrolled in the courses of study related to DICCA. Those who are no longer registered will receive, in any case, communication via e-mail and it will be the failure of the student to confirm the cancellation of the code.

Change passwords

There are two distinct systems of user credentials/passwords: one to access Windows systems and one to access Linux systems. When opening a new user, the user credentials are defined equal for simplicity. If you want to change your password (it is advisable to do so from time to time) you need to change both.
To change your Windows login password press CTRL+ALT+CANC and choose Cambia Password.
To change the password to access Linux Linux from an operating system shell give the command passwd.
CAUTION If you believe your password has been compromised, it is important to change both.


The computer classrooms are managed by the technicians of the computer service and networks of the DICCA that are available for any problem related to the use of the classrooms and in particular:

  • Assistance and advice for the use of available resources;
  • Registration of new users;
  • Reporting of station failures;
  • Reporting software malfunctions;
  • Reservation for lessons.

The proactive contribution of the users (students and teachers) and the reporting of any problem is fundamental for the proper functioning of the classrooms.

Disc space

It is not guaranteed the permanence of the files on the disks of the classroom PC. However, a data area (limited - 1 Gigabyte) is available on a departmental server, where the data permanence is guaranteed. This area is accessible in Windows by Explorer as \\server2\username; in Linux it is the user’s home directory.

Large format printing (plotter)

A large format HP Design Jet T1120 (44inches) printer configured as a "plotter" is available on all Pcs in computer classrooms.

The paper is charged to users

To check the status of print queues and other information you can access the address authenticating with username "Guest" (attention capital G).

GenuaWiFi access points

You can connect to genuawifi within the DICCA in the following areas:

  • Baldacci Library - Viale Cambiaso 6;
  • Study rooms - Villa Cambiaso grownd floor;
  • Computer rooms and study rooms - Via Opera Pia 15A.

The connection must be activated by signing online the conditions of use of the service at address
Follow the recommended configuration on the genuawifi webpage to get a full functionality.

Last update 22 November 2022