Patricia Martín Rodríguez Seminar 2

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2019-12-05 | DICCA - Viale Cambiaso 6 Padiglioni - Aula A7

Seminar 2

Studies of telecommunication towers in Cuba

prof. Patricia Martín Rodríguez
Department of Structures, Technological University of Havana “José Antonio Echeverría” (Cujae)

Latticed towers and masts are common structures used on communication area. They are widely spread in the last years with the increase of communications systems. Usually they are slender structures without redundant members, reason why they have not additional strength capacity and they are highly vulnerable to wind forces compared to other structures. Understanding of its behavior became an important condition to reduce partial or total collapses. Some lattice towers collapses have been occurred since the last ten years in Cuba, with the incidence of hurricane winds. There are several probable causes associated with these collapses. Among the identified possible cause of failure, this seminar will present the influence of the presence of antennas through experimental analysis in wind tunnel, the influence of asymmetric anchors on a guyed mast located over hills, as well as the influence of the variation of different initial tension of cables on guyed masts through FEM models analysis. Finally, it will be present a comparison of the response on a guyed mast applying a dynamic analysis using two methods: the equivalent static method “Patch Load” and the full dynamic method “Time History” using Direct Integration.


prof. Giovanni Solari

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