Seminario Dr. Tim Barckholtz

Dove e quando

2019-10-18 | ore 15:00, aula Magna - via Balbi 5

Il seminario è aperto a tutti. L'ordine degli Ingegneri di Genova attribuisce due crediti formativi agli ingegneri che partecipano.


Dr. Tim Barckholtz  
Technical Manager, Exxon Mobil, NJ, USA

The world faces a difficult "dual challenge" in the coming decades how to provide low GHG energy supplies to a growing population. This talk will present one technology option for how to continue to use our natural resources to  create power, run factories, and the like, but not emit the CO2 emissions, but rather capture the CO2 and safely store it underground Carbonate fuel cells have the unique property in that while they capture CO2 from a flue gas source, they will also generate additional electricity and additional hydrogen The hydrogen can be used in a variety of ways to also decarbonize other energy consumers.


prof. Alessandro Bottaro

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