ore 16:30 - Dicca Seminars series 2022 - AIMÉE SLANGEN

AIMÉE SLANGEN - Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research

25/02/2022 - 4pm (CET) 
Villa Cambiaso - Salone Nobile 
Via Montallegro 1 (GE) 
Polytechnic School, UNIGE 
Streaming on the Teams channel (CODE: wlp9vyt) or using this link: https://shorturl.at/jyDP3

“The IPCC report and sea level change”

In August, the IPCC sixth assessment report was published. The report is a comprehensive overview and assessment of the current state of climate science. During the lecture, we will first discuss the IPCC itself: what is IPCC, how does it work, and what is the procedure towards an IPCC report? Then, we will discuss the main findings of the report, with a focus on observed and projected changes in sea level. Which processes are driving sea-level change, and how will sea levels change in the future?

Short bio 
Dr. Aimée Slangen is senior researcher at the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ) in Yerseke. Her research focus is sea-level change, both in the open ocean and the interaction at the coast. With her research group, she aims to improve our understanding of sea-level change in the past, as well as making better projections for the future. She is Lead Author of the IPCC AR6 report, on Chapter 9: Oceans, Cryosphere and Sea Level Change.

More information: https://www.nioz.nl/en/about/organisation/staff/aimee-slange

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