Anno 2022

“A hybrid approach to condition monitoring relying on fusion of data and models” - The monitoring of the condition of structural systems operating under diverse dynamic loads involves the tasks of simulation (forward engineering), identification (inverse engineering) and maintenance/control actions.

“When zebrafish met engineering” - Zebrafish are gaining momentum as the third millennium laboratory species for the investigation of several functional and dysfunctional biological processes in humans, including the fundamental mechanisms modulating emotional patterns, learning processes, and individual and social response to alcohol and drugs of abuse.

Salone Nobile Villa Cambiaso, Via Montallegro 1 - “TISSUE BIOMECHANICS IN MYOPIA QUANTIFIED BY UNCONFINED COMPRESSION TESTING” - Seminario prof. Ross Ethier nell'ambito dell'attività di Dottorato (DICCA)

"Ceramic Materials and the Energy Transition" - The climate changes consequent to the escalation of the greenhouse gas emissions are rising increasing concern and push towards the development of a new green energy system.

"3D, Unsteady, Non stationary, non Gaussian wind fields and their effects" - During the last two decades, the wind engineering debate was dominated by the issue of non synoptic windstorms, Hangan and Kareem, 2021 These winds are way more complex, from a spatio temporal perspective, compared to the typical synoptic winds.

“ll linguaggio specialistico in letteratura, o del come suona la parola tecnica” - Il seminario partirà da un’introduzione sull’uso del linguaggio specialistico in letteratura, attraverso lo studio di autori italiani del novecento...

“Additive Manufacturing. A world full of opportunities and challenges!!” – Additive Manufacturing (AM) – also known as 3D printing – is taking off in many industrial processes. In particular, powder bed fusion for metal manufacturing has definitively changed the way of prototyping metal parts but also plastic 3D printing is changing modern engineering in many aspects.

Discover and share the digital environmental value by GEO-AI challenges. - Eva Savina is an expert in Geomatics both for landscape and cultural heritage, and will tell us about Geospatial Artificial Intelligence for a number of applications for soil management and monitoring including emergencies and safety.

“The IPCC report and sea level change” - In August, the IPCC sixth assessment report was published. The report is a comprehensive overview and assessment of the current state of climate science.

“Slow dynamics and fluctuation-dissipation concepts for structural health monitoring” - The earthquake responses of existing structures are strongly dependent on their health and on the nature of the shaking...