Anno 2019

ore 15.00, Aula Magna - Via balbi 5, Genova - PLASTIC POLLUTION IN THE MEDITERRANEAN SEA - Seminario prof. François Galgani nell'ambito dei Seminari Tiscornia (DICCA)

Classroom A7 - h.4:00pm - Studies of telecommunication towers in Cuba Latticed towers and masts are common structures used on communication area. They are widely spread in the last years with the increase of communications systems.

Classroom A7 - h.3:00pm - Extreme wind events in Cuba- Structural damage and post-disaster efforts
Abstract: Due to its geographic position, Cuba is frequently subjected to the occurrence of strong winds, mainly associated with hurricanes.

ore 15.00, Aula Magna - Via Balbi 5 Genova - CO2 CAPTURE USING CARBONATE FUEL CELLS - Seminario Dr. Tim Barckholtz nell'ambito dei Seminari Tiscornia (DICCA). Il seminario è aperto a tutti. L'ordine degli Ingegneri di Genova attribuisce due crediti formativi agli ingegneri che partecipano.

ore 11:15-13:15, aula A7 (Scuola Politecnica): Structural Assessment of hystorical bridges in UK - Ing. Davide Solari (AECOM UK) & Mr. Neil Shah - Senior Recruiter (AECOM UK)

ore 11, aula A11 (DICCA): The Kernel Wave Perspective: from Geophysics to Engineering - Prof. Luca Biancofiore (Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey)

ore 11 - Aula A2 (DICCA): CFD, UQ, AI, viz. Sex, Lies and Videotapes in Ocean Engineering
Prof. Stefano Brizzolara (Virginia Tech, USA)

Port and Coastal Engineering projects
Ing. Matteo Tirindelli (RINA)

ore 9:30-12:00 - Lecture Hall A13 (DICCA): Numerical Simulations & Experimental Investigations of the Boundary Layer Transition on Low-pressure Turbine Blades